Policy and Procedures » Personnel


Descriptor Code  Policy Title  Procedures
Policy 5.1060 Application and Employment   
Policy 5.1090 Employee Evaluation   
Policy 5.1100 Compensation Guides and Contracts   
Policy 5.1140 Personnel Records   
Policy 5.1150 Assignment and Transfer  
Policy 5.1151 AWS During Emergencies   
Policy 5.1170 Tenure and Nonrenewal of Teacher Contract   
Policy 5.1190 Employment of Retirees  
Policy 5.2000 Separation Practices of Tenured Teachers  
Policy 5.2010 Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers  
Policy 5.2020 Separation Practices for Non-Certified   
Policy 5.2030 Recommendation of Employees Recommendation of Employees
Policy 5.3000 Attendance and Leave   
Policy 5.3010 Family and Medical Leave  
Policy 5.4000 Employee Communicable Diseases   
Policy 5.4030 Drug-Free and Tobacco-Free Workplace  Acknowledgement Form 
Policy 5.4040 Employee Acceptable Use Employee Use of Internet and Network Resources
Policy 5.5000 Workplace Discrimination and Harassment   
Policy 5.5100 Employees Grievances and Complaints 
Policy 5.6010 Conflict of Interest   
Policy 5.6050 Staff Gifts and Solicitations   
Policy 5.6070 Non-School Employment   
Policy 5.6080 Utilization of Vehicles and Motorized Equipment   
Policy 5.6110 Personal Code of Conduct and Teacher Ethics   
Policy 5.7000 Interim Teachers  
Policy 5.7010 Substitute Teachers   
Policy 5.7020 Student Teachers   
Policy 5.8000 Director of Schools