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Instructional Services

Descriptor Code  Policy Title  Procedures 
Policy 4.1010 Instructional Standards   
Policy 4.2010 Class Size Ratios   
Policy 4.2020 Special Education   
Policy 4.2040 Summer Instructional Program   
Policy 4.2050 Enrollment in Advanced Courses  
Policy 4.2060 Homebound Instructional Program   
Policy 4.2070 English Learners   
Policy 4.2090 Alternative Credit Options   
Policy 4.2100 Credit Recovery   
Policy 4.2110 Work Based Learning Program   
Policy 4.2120 Virtual Education Program   
Policy 4.2130 Family Life Education   
Policy 4.3010 Interscholastic Athletics   
Policy 4.3020 Field Trips   
Policy 4.4000 Textbooks and Instructional Materials   
Policy 4.4020 Reconsideration of Textbooks and Instructional Materials  
Policy 4.4030 Library Materials  
Policy 4.4040 Use of Copyright Materials  Use of Copyright Materials 
Policy 4.4060 Use of Internet and Social Media  
Policy 4.4070 School Website  
Policy 4.5010 School Volunteers   
Policy 4.5020 Parent and Family Engagement   
Policy 4.6000 Grading System   
Policy 4.6030 Promotion and Retention   
Policy 4.6050 Graduation Requirements  
Policy 4.6080 Transcript Alterations   
Policy 4.7000 Testing Programs  
Policy 4.8020 Student Equal Access   
Policy 4.8040 Religious and Religion Content