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Supported Services

Descriptor Code  Policy Title  Procedures 
Policy 3.2000 Building and Grounds Management   
Policy 3.2010 Emergency Preparedness  
Policy 3.2040 Threat Assessment Team   
Policy 3.2050 Security   
Policy 3.2060 Public Use of School Facilities  
Policy 3.2070 Lead in Drinking Water   
Policy 3.2080 Asbestos Management   
Policy 3.2180 Service Animals in School Facilities   
Policy 3.2200 Access to Private Facility   
Policy 3.3000 Equipment and Supplies Management   
Policy 3.3001 Use of School Provided Cell Phones   
Policy 3.4000 Student Transportation  Transportation Program 
Policy 3.4040 Private York Vehicles   
Policy 3.5000 Food Service Management   
Policy 3.6010 Student Insurance Program