Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back to School!   

We are so excited about seeing all of you beginning on August 9, 2021. We have been preparing for this school year since early Spring, and we have worked hard all summer to have our school in the best shape possible for ALL of OUR STUDENTS to be able to return to school in person. That is right, we will all be together, at school, beginning on day one! 


As your Principal and Assistant Principal, We have such optimism for all that you are going to learn and do and experience this school year. Our Dedicated Educators and Staff have worked so hard to get ready for you. They have gone above and beyond to have things lined up and ready for all of us to hit the ground running. There really is an air of excitement, and it all centers around you… our Students!


The 9th grade will begin a few days before the rest of our students by attending the Freshmen Orientation and STEM Day on July 28th. On this day, we will spend the morning teaching our new Freshmen about our school: going over class schedules; touring our classrooms; introducing our teachers, our clubs, our activities, and explaining our bell schedules; detailing the lunchroom experience, and explaining our student expectations.  The afternoon will be spent on awesome, hands-on STEM Educational experiences. These activities will inspire our 9th graders to believe in the benefits of thinking and problem solving using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in their everyday lives. Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing, as you will be inside and outside during these STEM activities. 


On August 9th, ALL of our STUDENTS will be coming to school for our first full day of instruction. We will begin with Advisors in order to receive our schedules, and then move into class changes. On August 10, we will report directly to our first period. 


Exciting News for this School Year! 

  • A New Director - Mr. John Bush
  • STEM Challenges for the Freshmen Class (Incorporating Real Life Experiences into our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Subjects)
  • EDP (Engineering Design Process) for 10-12th Grade Students
  • Goat / Hair Sheep Expansion on the Farm
  • Advisor/Advisee Tri-Star Time for Students throughout the Week
  • Cafeteria Upgrade- tables and chairs coming soon!
  • Expanded Honors Courses
  • Enhanced / Expanded Camera System for Schoolwide Safety and Security

In preparation of our first days, please be sure to check your school email on our yaidragons.com accounts, check out our Facebook page, listen to any call outs, and Pump Yourself Up for this exciting new year at Alvin C York Agricultural Institute. We cannot wait to see you!





Jason Tompkins


Alvin C York Agricultural Institute



Derwin Wright

Assistant Principal

Alvin C York Agricultural Institute