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Principal's Message

Welcome to the website for Alvin C York Agricultural Institute. Our school desires to carry on the legacy of our founder, WWI Hero Sgt. Alvin C York, by educating the "boys and girls of this mountainous region" so that they may obtain the best education possible while attending our classrooms and our school. Our ultimate goal is to assist our parents, community, and state by creating academic pathways for our students to be upstanding, motivated, and highly educated citizens who will positively impact our community, state, and nation. Along the way, we want the students of our school to feel challenged, encouraged, and cherished as individuals, groups, and classes. Finally, we want each of them to understand the pride to be a part of the distinct group of people who can say, "I am a graduate of Alvin C York Institute."
Jason Tompkins
Principal / Director Federal Projects
York Institute
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